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Phoenix possesses a wealth of expertise and experience compounding value-added solutions into nearly every existing family of thermoplastic resin; from value conscious commodity polymers to high performance engineering polymers, with our environmentally responsible ResurgensĀ® line of recycled material containing counterparts for many also available. By incorporating an extensive range of reinforcements, additives, modifiers and synergistic polymer alloys, a vast combination of properties can be achieved to provide our customers with a limitless range of solutions. Since we're experienced with the large selection of polymer, reinforcement, additive and modifier families at our disposal, our engineers independently make choices in their recommendations based on your unique performance criteria, rather than trying to fit a solution into a limited range of options.

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We can create nearly limitless formulation variations, including modified and reinforced resins

Reliable performance at service temperatures both above and below ambient is often a critical factor that designers must consider. Our compounds can be specifically engineered to solve the problems caused by both very low and high temperatures, while at the same time offering a host of other benefits.

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Engineered Compounds

Whether based on commodity or engineering grade thermoplastics, compounded materials are engineered to overcome obstacles that impede the base polymer alone. Furthermore, since versatility and flexibility are compounding's strongest asset, materials can be designed and ramped into full production with much lower capital investment than the development of a unique new base polymer. This means every processor can take advantage of a material truly custom engineered for their application, no matter how large or small.